Nightengale Media creates music for television whether the television show is a documentary, a cartoon, or a series. We will work closely with your creative team to bring your television show to life. Themes to open the show and musical cues create tension, fear, humor, romance, and foreshadows events in a television show become like a musical glue that holds the entire work together.

The following demo version samples are piano-driven and orchestral instrumentals, with sections that are easily used on their own, or with the entire composition. This makes it useful when there is a need for only 30 seconds of music, or 45 seconds, or a minute. These examples are only sample music meant to show composing skills which are not limited to what you hear in these samples.

Theme songs are composed (with or without lyrics) in nearly any musical genre (Pop, Country, Americana, Indy, Jazz, Blues, Classical, New Age and so on). Please view the sample film cues as well to get a sense of how we apply music to visuals. Every score we produce for clients is uniquely created for their purposes and to meet their music requirements.


On YouTube:

Romantic Comedy Theme DEMO



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Cues for programs of half hour and one hour duration designed to enhance the program with musical themes, and accents that provide the emotion, continuity and pacing that reflects the action on the screen. In addition to orchestral cues, songs may be part of the creative process. All the music is digitally composed on LOGIC PRO X and synced to the final cuts of the television program.

 Audio files of all music in Mp3. ACC and Mp4 formats which may be copied as many times as needed.

 Copyright remains with Nightengale Media LLC, however, the client has full permission to use the music indefinitely. Details negotiated before project begins. 



PDF FILES of printable scores, if desired for live performance recording, are are available for an additional fee to be negotiated at the beginning of the project. These are made for each vocal, each instrument and a composite score for the conductor. These files may be distributed to singers, musicians, and conductors to print out and use for practice and study purposes.



Project Interview with essential members of the client's creative team to keep the creative process on track with their expectations and to learn what message the music needs to convey, as well as the client's taste in music and vision for the project before we begin.

DEMO PHASE Listening Sessions occur if songs are included in the program as song production during as the project moves forward. First, with the piano or guitar accompanied version, and a demo vocal of the song as it is created. Once the client listens and approves (or makes helpful suggestions about the sample version), we return to the studio to make any necessary changes. Then the client listens to the sample version once again. This process is applied to all songs until all demo phase music is approved.

ORCHESTRATION PHASE Listening Sessions occur for the final cut of the television program. We divide the work into manageable segments to makes adjustments more efficient. The client may request changes at each session. If need be, we go back into the studio to make the changes, and then the final listening session for the orchestral cues occurs. This process repeats until all the cues are completed to client satisfaction. Then the final digital mix of all the music (songs and orchestral cues) is synced to the final cut of the television program and then produced as a digitally mastered version which is then provided to the client.



We believe the television creative team: producer and screenplay writers are best suited to inspire the composer, allowing for composition of effective music for the program. The composer's job is multi-faceted, and the intent and the vision of the creative team are helpful to the composer as the music is written. Our process allows for an on-going interaction between the television creative team and the composer to best serve the creative process and to provide the best music possible for your project.


The scope of each project

(budget, time required to score the program, changes editing, etc...)

determines the cost of our services.

We'll settle these requirements together before starting the project.