In this day and age, where music is present in nearly every corner of our daily lives, the act of producing music is more in demand than ever before. Songwriters and composers of all genres of music use their instruments, record their work and then produce a product for the public to consume, whether in live performance or in recorded formats. Music is available as CDs, via online streaming, and downloading from music sites.

We all hear music on websites, in film, television programs and commercials. Music is essential to commemorative, entertainment, and marketing videos. It appears on all radio programming. It is made for stage productions, for public gatherings and conferences, for trade shows, in restaurants, malls, airports, and on the phone.

In essence, music is needed wherever music is desired, and the possibilities are endless.

As with any artform, the musical artist composes from his or her personal well of inspiration, which means that music is essentially a personal statment. But what about individuals, organizations and businesses that need music to speak for them? Of course, there are many musical library services that provide large catalogs of music in bits of 30 seconds, one minute, 45 seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes and longer. They provide a ready-to-hear music through licensing with yearly fees, and limits to the use of the clips.

BUT... what about those who need music composed especially for their own purposes, music that is meant to inspire, highlight, enhance their own message? Music that speaks for them?

Nightengale Media offers that custom service with the client's musical needs and tastes as the inspiration. We charge reasonable, individually negotiated rates for music produced within client pleasing timelines. Browse the possibilities. We believe you will be surprised at what we can produce for you.