Nightengale Press began in 2003 with one novel. Then another and another. Then a series of children's books, then a few non-fiction books, a couple of how-to titles, and the rest is history. As of January 2017 we offer 225 titles, both in print and in eBook formats and available globally. Many of our authors have published more than one book with us, some as many as six with more on the way. We must be doing something right for these authors since they come back again and again.

New authors join our Nightengale Press family every year, from all over the globe. Most of our authors come from all corners of the USA, and some hail from England, Norway, Australia and Canada. There is a broad smorgasbord of fiction genres, children's books, and non-fiction titles. We decided early on not to close the door on any good book that came our way, and that was the wisest decision any new publisher could make. Now in our fourteenth year, Nightengale Press is considered the imprint name for Nightengale Media, and of course, we are still looking ahead. We expanded our publishing offerings to include all the Soup-to-Nuts options back in 2009 and have updated them every year since.

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